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Gregor Schenkel with his very rare original NEUMANN U 67 tube mic built in the 70's.

It`s a fully functioning mic and still in use when and where needed.

audio samples of original mixes, MASTERED by Gregor Schenkel.

A/B comparison:
A = First half of song play is the original recording, received from the band or their recording studio
B = Second half of song play is how it sounds after MASTERING at AGM Studios
Example #2: French Folk Rock song
Example # 1: Hard Rock song
vision & mission

AGM Studios strengths beside recording audio are songwriting of mainstream songs, arrangements, dubbing, beat programming, but also editing-mixing and mastering of audio tracks and full songs. We also offer video editing.

Our vision is to produce and record music in the Philippines at international quality level! The team of AGM are all very well experienced pro's from Europe and Asia.

We know that most musicians don't have the money or knowledge to record their songs in a proper way and so then to be listened and heard e.g. by A&R managers of record labels.

This is where at AGM-Studios Philippines, a german - british - pinoy team of sound engineers, producers, singer-songwriters and composers have the capabitlities to serve you in our acousticly treated and callibrated rooms.

AGM Studios offers a wide range of services from recording, songwriting, composing & arranging songs for artists or labels in different kind of music genres, but also commercials, voice-over, video for website, youtube etc.

If you have recorded tracks of your songs we are able to edit, mix and master them at US / European standard at asian rates. Our software and hardware is always up-to-date to guarantee best quality in sound and service.
For local and international songwriters, artists and bands we offer recording sessions for EP / CD or even your songwriting & co-writing at a nice, private beach resort here in the Philippines.
Original songs samples
Forget By Tomorrow (snippet); EDM
Check 'Er Out (snippet); EDM original song
I'm Ready Now (snippet); POP
I'm Ready Now (snippet); POP original song
Magic Of Love (snippet); POP - Duet
Magic Of Love (snippet); POP - Duet
Check 'Er Out (snippet); HipHop - Rap
Check 'Er Out (snippet); HipHop - RAP
"Still Into Me" from Paramore, performed by Shayne Nagrampa
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